Fashion Trucks: The New Way to Shop?

It used to be that small trucks were only good for moving, handing out ice cream, and lending books. Not anymore. First, people got gourmet-on-the-go with the rise of food trucks. And now it seems like the fashion industry is hopping on board the truck trend. Only instead of burgers and fries, they’re serving up clothes and accessories.


These fashion trucks cropping up all over the nation have us beyond excited. Take Styleline in New York City for example. It’s a potato chip truck transformed into an ’80s glam shop stocked with hard-to-find accessories like a $430 crystal-and-fringe necklace. Or Bootleg, a shoe boutique in Austin, Texas that offers cute polka dot flats and gold lace-up sandals. The idea is to make the shopping experience more personal and intimate, while encouraging independent business. After all, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to own a truck than a brick and mortar store. And the trucks can move around, bringing their business to a wider range of customers and locales.

So will these fashion trucks catch on like the food truck trend did? They do have a few more challenges. With a food truck you can just order and be on your way; you don’t have to actually eat inside the cramped truck. But with a fashion truck, you’ll have to contend with minimal elbowroom for browsing around. (They usually can only fit about five people at a time.) Still, the novelty of buying something out of a revamped airstream trailer is kitschy and fun, and definitely has potential.


What do you think? Would you shop at a fashion truck?


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