Look like a female DJ

This is where it pays to be a woman. While their male counterparts typically show up in some version of a hoodie, lady DJs are bringing the fierce. You might not be able to spin like them, but you definitely can snag the alterna-girl style of these fashionable female DJs. Just make sure to follow these steps to unleashing your inner spinmaster:

Master the up-do

Mia Moretti spins at Art Basel in 2010If you’re going to be mixing and mashing all night long, the last thing you want is your hair in your face. Pull it back like DJ Mia Moretti did at Art Basel in 2010. A loose top knot will keep your mane out of the way so when you’re called upon to bust out your favorite tunes there will be nothing between you and the music.


Exercise your right to bare arms

Leigh Lezark hangs out with Will.i.am and Geordon Nicol at Lacoste’s flagship opening in London.

It gets hot up in the club! Ditch the sleeves and free your up your arms like model/DJ (of The Misshapes fame) Leigh Lezark did at the Lacoste London flagship launch this past June. You’ll look as cool as you feel.


If you must cover up, go for leather

Chelsea Leyland at the Like Crazy New York premiere.
DJ Chelsea Leyland knows how to add instant cool to any outfit simply top it off with a leather jacket like the studded one she wore to the “Like Crazy” New York premiere last October. You’ll look great–and just a little dangerous.

But above all, don’t be afraid to have fun! These trailblazing DJs aren’t afraid to take risks and mix up their looks (and music), so keep these tips in mind on your next girls night out and you’ll be rocking the house in no time.

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